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Some Things to Consider for First-time Motorcycle Campers

If you’re a motorcyclist you most probably already have a keen sense of adventure. Camping by motorcycle offers the opportunity to enhance that sense of adventure even further while exploring some more remote and inaccessible locations. Convenience, easy access to the wilderness, fresh air and open roads are just some of the reasons to get into motorcycle camping. However, if you are a novice and never tried camping by motorcycle, keeping the following in mind will enable you to get the most out of the experience.

Careful Planning

Since motorcycles have limited carrying capacity, take only what you will need. Basically, you will be backpacking on two wheels, so it is necessary that you go through a checklist. Careful planning before you leave will ensure you are prepared for the unexpected when you set out on the road. Make sure you inspect your bike for road worthiness and carry out the required maintenance tasks. This is especially important when traveling in remote locations.


Avoid overloading your motorcycle. Whether your motorcycle has hard saddle bags or a top case, pack your camping and travel equipment in them. You should pack all additional items in a waterproof bag and tightly secure it to your motorcycle. You can also use zip-lock freezer bags to store items that need to stay dry.

Right Campsite

If you are a novice motorcycle camper, then you should plan in advance where you will be staying throughout your trip. If you want to assure that you will have a place to camp, then you should consider reservations. If you prefer not to rough it, and depending on your intended destination and budget considerations, there are many campsites that offer the convenience of AC power sockets, running water, showers, and toilets. You should also make sure that the campground is motorcycle-friendly. The site where you will set up you tent should also be level and smooth, and free of potential pests.


The clothing you should bringing with you when going motorcycle camping will depend on the off-bike activities you plan to indulge in, such as eating at a fancy restaurant or hiking. Your clothing choice will also depend on the range of temperatures you expect during your trip. Make sure you carry a rubber booties or shower shoes for showering, and a windbreaker in case it gets chilled or rainy. Instead of cotton clothing, it would be better to carry garments made of light synthetic materials since they dry quickly and are easy to pack.

Proper Shelter

Avoid being a minimalist motorcycle camper. Modern day lightweight tents are quite reasonably priced. While tents should be purchased according to the number of people going on a camping trip, but even if you will be camping alone, make sure you invest in at least a two-person tent. An ideal choice is a dome side-entry tent that has a separate rain fly and waterproof bottom.

Comfortable Bedding

You may have heard about bikers sleeping on the ground, but you will be better off having a quality sleeping pad to sleep on. A self inflating, full-length and thick sleeping pad is a good choice, even though it will occupy slightly more than space than a thinner one. It will also be wise to carry a good quality sleeping bag, and one that has the correct rating for the night time temperatures you are likely to experience at your intended campsite.


Motorcycle camping offers one of the best opportunities to experience a sense of uninhibited freedom and adventure. What better way is there to escape the daily grind and stresses of modern life? However, careful planning and preparation is essential in order to make the most of this opportunity. By following the above advice and using common sense you will be met with a truly rewarding experience and memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. Sherry

    Great tips! I plan on being comfy and NOT over packing.. (K.I.S.S.) keep it simply silly! I Do believe a good night’s sleep is much needed so bringing a soft mat and tent sound ideal. Thanks for helping me prepare to make Great Motorcycle Camping Memories! Be safe out there on all your adventures!

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