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Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves 2024 – Top 5 Gloves Reviewed

If you are a motorcycle rider, the wind in your face can be an exhilarating feeling.  That being said, if you are riding on a cold day, then the wind and cold can feel like daggers on your face and hands.  When I rode my bike to work, I dreaded days that were colder than 50 degrees, up until I got the right type of gloves.  Thankfully, after doing some research I found out about heated motorcycle gloves.  These are truly a game changer for any motorcycle owner.  These gloves are generally electric powered, and they provide you with constant warmth for your hands for increased comfort and safety while riding.  I spent quite a bit of time researching what the best heated motorcycle gloves were, and testing various brands.  Below you will find my top five favorite picks that will keep your hands warm and protected while riding.

1. Global Vasion 7.4V Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

The first product on our list are sold by Global Vasion.  These gloves have always been one of my favorites, and it’s truly because of their comfort and warmth.  These gloves are powered by a 7.4-volt rechargeable battery that fits inside each glove.  They are among the warmest battery powered motorcycle gloves on the market.   With three different heat settings available, these gloves will not only last you longer, but will also keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions.

Not only do these gloves offer excellent performance in terms of keeping your hands warm, they are also great motorcycle gloves.  Produced from 80% cotton and 20% sponge, the newly upgraded lining provides great freedom of movement as well as excellent grip.  This was one of my main concerns when evaluating gloves, I needed something that allowed me to maintain complete control of my bike.  Along with this, the gloves feature a water resistant coating which makes it great for cold, wet days.

Overall these rechargeable battery heated gloves by Global Vasion are a great choice for anyone looking for heated motorcycle gloves.  They are fitted with individual batteries in each glove, and they boast a pretty hefty battery life.  They are also waterproof and provide you with an optimal amount of grip when riding.

2. Volt Heat 7V Leather Titan Heated Gloves

The second item on our list are the Volt Heat 7V Leather Titan Heated Gloves. Considered premium quality gloves, they are manufactured out of high grade black leather which is reflected in the higher price tag when compared to many other brands.  Moreover, they are very well made, and extremely durable.

As regards battery life, there are four different heat levels, which allows you to select the perfect temperature relative to the conditions.  The gloves stay charged for about 4 hours on the highest setting, and about 12 hours on the lowest setting.  What’s more, these gloves feature a convenient on/off button which can also be used to change the heat level while riding.

Overall, these are great leather heated gloves for riding.  They are extremely durable, and look great.  Furthermore, the battery life is more than adequate for most situations and the gloves do an excellent job of keeping your hands and fingers warm and free from pain and/or numbness.

3. Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves

The third pair of gloves that we will be reviewing here is the Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves. Gerbing are a well known and respected manufacturer of heated apparel, including heated jackets. These are another high quality pair of gloves made from 90% leather. This gives them a black leather type look, but with a little more of a cotton feel. That being said, these are extremely comfortable gloves that are great for riding.

The heating pack is located in the palm area and from there the heat radiates out to the rest of the hand and down to the tips of your fingers. The gloves are also water resistant offering good protection from rain and snow while also featuring a handful of different heat settings which allow you to choose the optimal temperature as dicta

They gloves can be charged with a female SAE to Coax cable (purchased separately) which attaches directly to your motorcycle’s battery. This gives you the peace of mind of never having to worry about forgetting to charge your gloves and means you can choose the highest heat setting while riding, thus avoiding the need to conserve battery power. Gerbing also sell rechargeable battery packs separately which can be used to charge the gloves at home.

Overall these are quality gloves that will keep your hands warm in the coldest of weather. They feature a comfortable and durable design and offer a unique charging option which allows you to charge your gloves as you ride.

4. IONGear Techniche Battery Powered Longear Heating Gloves

The fourth item on our list is the IONGear Techniche Heated Gloves. These are extremely comfortable gloves made out of a soft, wind-blocking material with a synthetic suede, non-slip palm. They provide excellent comfort and warmth but without the excessive bulk of many other gloves on the market.

One of the best things about these gloves is the way the heating elements extend to every part of the hand, from the palms and back of the hand all the way to the fingertips. This gives you complete coverage which is especially important in extreme cold. The gloves feature built-in batteries and a multi-heat design that allows you to easily pick the temperature you want while riding. Battery life is about average, boasting a 4-hour battery life at the highest temperature level, and around an 8-hour battery life at the lowest setting.

5. Venture 7.4 Volt Heated Liner Street Motorcycle Gloves

The final pair of gloves we will review, are the Venture Volt Heated Liner Street Motorcycle gloves.  These are another pair of light-weight gloves that are manufactured out of a stretchable poly-spandex fabric.  This gives you an extremely comfortable glove design that gives you the freedom of movement that many leather gloves don’t.

These gloves feature an innovative perimeter heating technology.  This radiates heat along the edges of the gloves and helps to spread even amounts of heat to every part of your hand and fingers. Besides comfort and flexibility, another benefit of the unique poly-spandex fabric is it’s water blocking and windproof properties.  This means these light weight gloves completely block out the wind, and they really feel like you’re wearing leather gloves as you’re flying down the highway.  They are, therefore, a great choice if you’re looking for motorcycle gloves that are both heated and waterproof.

Similar to the other gloves reviewed here, these also feature a multi-temperature design which allows you to control how warm you want the gloves. That being said, at approximately 5 hours, the battery life is a little lower than some of the other options available.

Final Thoughts on Heated Motorcycle Gloves

The wind and cold can be treacherous when you are out riding your motorcycle. Not only does it cause discomfort, it can also affect your reaction time, and your ability to operate the throttle and brakes. Heated motorcycle gloves offer an effective solution to these problems and are becoming an increasingly popular winter riding accessory. There are quite a few different pairs available on the market today, and while they are relatively expensive when compared to a regular pair of motorcycle gloves, most motorcyclists who have purchased them agree that it’s money well spent! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and other Amazon stores worldwide.

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  1. Frank

    I purchased the venture heated gloves last winter and have had problems with the rechargeable batteries failing to recharge. I received a defective battery with the gloves and had to replace
    it with a new battery. I used the gloves only once and have another battery that will not charge.
    I will not purchase another venture product base on the poor performance of the batteries in the
    heated gloves.

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