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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

It’s never been a better time to be a biker. Our bikes are equipped to run faster better and safer, and thanks to ever developing technology, our helmets have also evolved.

You already know about the tragic and unnecessary loss of life that can result from not wearing a helmet. The statistics are horrible and sobering. All helmets save lives, but some helmets are a cut above the rest.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets offer a fully integrated means of connecting to a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices. Of course, they are also designed to withstand serious stress and crashes and many offer full protection for your head and face. A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear in the event of an accident. Make it the best. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are tough but also lightweight and designed for comfort, so you’ll have no excuse not to wear them.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets can connect with devices such as a motorcycle GPS, smartphone, or any other device offering Bluetooth connectivity. These helmets let you listen to music the intelligent way, while still allowing you to take in sounds from your surroundings and so helping you to stay alert and protected. Stream music from your smartphone directly to your helmet and get your jam on (safely)! You can also talk on the phone without having to fiddle with your device or take your hands off the bike for even a second. Distracted driving has been proven to be almost as bad as drunk driving, so having a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet could be a real life saver… literally.

If your helmet needs an update check out the following reviews of the top rated Bluetooth helmets of 2021.

1. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

The  is the real deal. It’s affordable with and compatible with a range of Bluetooth devices. It is also designed to facilitate airflow through state-of-the-art ventilation and fully protects the face with an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield.

The high visibility coloring of this helmet is another selling point and added safety feature. As we all know, visibility, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest factors in accidents involving motorcyclists and so anything that helps you be more readily seen by other road users is a valuable asset.

Owners of the ONeal Commander Bluetooth Helmet agree that it’s as fashionable as it is functional, and with coming in at the lower end on price, might just tick off all the boxes. It’s DOT and ECE approved and could be your next and best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

2. Torc T14B Bluetooth Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic

Sleek and stylish with a modest American flag decal, the Torc T14B is a very popular model. Due to its popularity, there are limited stocks of this model available so get it while you can.

The SmoothLock visor keeps glare away and your whole head protected. Speaking of heads, this ECE and DOT certified helmet is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for people with slightly oval heads, although given its rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, it fits comfortably on heads of all shapes and sizes.

3. Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Prefer to go with your standard half-shell helmet? Sena’s got you covered! Upgrade yourself with their Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM-tuner and intercom.

The intercom is the really popular draw here. You can chat with up to four buddies, keeping everyone in the crew on the same page and communicating any change of plans quickly and clearly to everyone.

It’s also a massive safety feature. Should something happen to you, your friends will know and get help quickly.

It’s simple to install, has great reviews from existing customers and is a good way to transform an existing half shell into a more versatile and high-tech version.

4. Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The Bilt Techno Bluetooth Adventure Motorcycle Helmet is the Mac Daddy of helmets, with a universal intercom, Bluetooth, 8 hour talk time, mobile phone compatibility and the option to stream music as well as the ability to link up to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

It also looks cool! It’s all white with a protective visor, to keep you secure.

If Amazon reviews are any indication, the technologically advanced Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is one of the most highly rated models currently available and is most definitely a worthy of your consideration.

5. Sena Cavalry Matte Black Half Helmet

Sena’s back on our list with their Cavalry Matte Black Half Helmet, a half shell upgraded for today’s biker with the addition of Bluetooth and Headset Profile (HSP). Use it with or without its removable visor and enjoy an old school look with new school technology.

The Sena Cavalry matte black half helmet also comes in glossy black. If a simple look with connectivity is your thing, your search may well have ended here.


Bikers who opt for sub-par helmets, or worse, no helmet at all, roll the dice every time they hit the road. We’ve all had those moments where you’re sure you’re going to spin out or lose control of your bike on a slick road. Nothing can remove the fear of an accident, but with a good quality motorcycle helmet you can increase your chances of walking away from it.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles for every biker. They are also subject to all the same rigorous tests and standards as any other helmet and so you get all the convenience of Bluetooth technology without compromising your safety.

What’s more, you can often save hundreds of dollars when compared to the cost of buying a helmet and Bluetooth communications system separately and without any of the compatibility issues that retrofitting often gives rise to.

Given the increasing use and availability of various apps and devices designed for motorcyclists, it seems likely that helmets incorporating Bluetooth technology represent the future of helmet design. When it comes time to replace upgrade or replace your existing helmet, you would be wise to consider taking advantage of the convenience offered by a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and other Amazon stores worldwide.

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