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What You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is sometimes overlooked and treated differently in many states than automobile insurance. But, some states will include all motor vehicles together. A good policy can protect riders and their families from potential financial disaster, but choosing the right policy can be confusing and cumbersome. knows that motorcycle insurance is not a one-size-fits-all process, so, their team spent six weeks creating a guide to walk riders through finding and choosing a policy, including how to decide how much coverage is necessary, which discounts to take advantage of, and how to stay safer on the road. Here is a good summary of the top companies for motorcycle insurance and why they have been so popular.

Why do I need motorcycle insurance?

Just like car insurance, motorbike insurance has many different policy options, including property damage, collision and uninsured/underinsured coverage. If you should get into an accident, you might have a lot of bills to pay. Besides being laid up in a hospital bed, you might also be sued by motorists, pedestrians and homeowners.

The best motorcycle insurance can cover your legal costs. Your attorney can present your case when you have the right policy. This allows you to concentrate on recovery. Collision will also be used to repair your bike.

Top Motorcycle Insurance Firms

Your choice for an insurance company will naturally depend on your specific needs. But, the top firms are likely to offer the most comprehensive coverage, lowest prices, fastest quotes and most convenient claims service. Here are some of the top motorcycle insurance firms:


You have probably heard of Progressive due to their aggressive marketing and advertising strategy. Progressive offers comprehensive coverage options, a simple quote process and digitized claims. You can find all of the basic policy options: property damage, collision and uninsured/under-insured coverage. High value bike owners can also demand that replacement parts are from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Markel American

The motto of Markel is here you find “specialty insurance by real specialists.” There are plenty of discounts at Markel American. If you have expensive electronics or accessories, then this company might be right. You can also get rental reimbursement.


The Foremost brand has a claims service center open 24/7 with fast responses. This might be the best firm for writing a contract, guaranteeing the highest quality replacement parts after a crash.

Did You Know?

Credit Score Matters:

Your credit score has become an important indicator for nearly every part of your life. Esurance has noted that “your credit score can affect your insurance rate.” They also suggest that there is an “insurance-based credit score,” which might not use as much personal information.


Being safe on the road can be also beneficial on your wallet. Many insurers will offer you a discount if you have completed a safety course. You can take a beginner course, which can be up to three days, or a more advanced course with more serious safety scenarios –  even online courses are offered as well.

Do your research

Because motorcycle insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all, it’s best to do your research and go into this fully informed. Talking with an independent insurance agent is also a good way route to take because they will help you figure out what your specific needs are. Either way, shop around for the best rate and compare and contrast each provider’s coverage options.

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