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A Look at Some of 2015’s Best Long Distance Touring Motorcycles

Motorcycling is, undoubtedly one of the most rewarding ways to travel. With improvements in comfort and safety, long distance touring by motorcycle is becoming an increasingly popular activity that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. If you plan on traveling long distance you want a bike that can get you there in style and with a minimum of discomfort. So, what options are there for the serious motorcycle tourists among us? Fortunately, these days, riders can choose from a range of different models to match their budget and performance requirements.  What follows is an overview of some of the best long distance touring motorcycles of 2015.

Victory Magnum X-1

A total emulation of a genuine big-wheel bagger, with modestly dazzling, top-shelf billet wheels, custom paint, a LED headlight and a sweet sounding 200-watt audio system, the 2016 Victory Magnum X-1 is something else and it is just plain something cool. It’s namesake was spawned from the daring plane that had broken through the sound barrier flown by the legendary Chuck Yeager, the great Bell X-1 and you can certainly believe that the comparisons aren’t too far off. The magnum X-1 is the latest brash, cruising incarnation from Victory and what a thrill it is to be at the helm of this phenomenal ride. This a high-functioning hog, is simply meant to tear up the long-distance in pure style and grace. Enjoy.

Triumph Rocket X Limited Edition

Triumph’s Rocket III was released in 2004, touting a 2,294cc in-line triple and stellar fanfare and yet for some odd reason or another, heavy production of this masterpiece remains elusive. Here we have another fine edition to add into the mix with this jet-black beauty, boasting the pure definitive example of small-batch coolness. It is constructed with a 2,294cc in-line triple and a 137 lb-ft of torque at the back wheel, which runs at a modest 2,000 rpm. You simply can’t deny that it will most likely send goosebumps down the spine of many Triumph fans across the nation. To wrap it all up in a ultra-premium, high-gloss finish with grind effects detailed on the side, just adds more to the ever resulting mystique of Triumph’s ultimate vision.

Indian Scout

The 2015 Indian Scout is undeniably old school in appearance but let it be known that this bad boy is the real deal in regards to power at will. Cherry red paint, a polished tan seat and a headlight nacelle, which flaunts a nice black-and-chrome says greaser all over it but this ain’t your grandpappy’s Triumph ladies, this is a high-performance distance cruiser at it’s most traditionally epic. The bike sports lay-down rear shocks and a long 29-degree rake, with a chassis that is no doubt long-and-low.

Honda Gold Wing

A treasure when it comes to standing as one of the best long distance touring motorcycles, the Honda Gold Wing blends the quintessential balance of performance and luxury and it is certainly the type of attraction that has help create the Gold Wing legend. A true beast of comfort and a flat-six engine that can power just about anybody through time almost. The new The GL1800 has raised the stakes of the brand name even higher, with a totally revamped look and feel. Long live the true Americana Gold Wing, our old reliable friend lives on.

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