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Garmin Zumo 395LM Versus 595LM

The Garmin zūmo series is one of the most comprehensive motorcycle navigation systems on the market. It’s one of the best selling, and most widely used—and for good reason. zūmo navigators are packed with features and are incredibly handy for road trips of any length. Garmin recently released an upgraded version of both the 590LM and the 390LM, but how much of an upgrade are they? Here we’ll take a close look at what you get for the heftier price tag of the 595LM and the 395LM. Also, we’ll compare their individual features to see how they stack up against each other.

Garmin zūmo 595LM

The zūmo 595LM is quite similar to the 395M, but with a bigger screen and more features. It has a 5-inch transflective touch screen display. The screen is bright and clearly displays all information in broad daylight. The interface is simple to use and all major functions are easily accessible while you’re in motion. Nearby points of interest, and where to find necessities such as ATMs and gas stations are all clearly marked on the map during navigation mode.

By pairing it with the Smartphone Link app, you can view notifications from your phone from a variety of apps including text messages. You can also display traffic reports, weather updates, and other beneficial information. It’s customizable, so you can pick and choose which apps you prefer to appear on your display. You can also use it to stream media from Spotify and other online music providers, or access the media from your phone’s internal storage, although you’ll need a compatible headset inside your helmet for that. Likewise for answering and making calls, and taking advantage of the Garmin zūmo 595LM’s voice command feature, which can be accomplished hands-free through Bluetooth pairing.

Navigation options include Preloaded City Navigator NT for USA, Canada and Mexico. It has Lifetime maps (the “LM” suffix model number is indicative of this) with unlimited updates. Roundtrip Routing helps riders plan their route based on time allotted, distance, or location.  The zūmo 595LM also includes Garmin’s LiveTrack feature, which enables you to share your location during your ride so that friends and family can track you. If you and a buddy get separated, they can easily find your whereabouts and meet back up with you.

Dynamic Fuel Stop feature

This notifies you how far away you are from the next gas station and how much gas you have remaining, and then uses that information to let you know when and where you need to stop for gas.

Durable and weatherproof

The zūmo 595LM is built to last. It’s resistant to the elements and will function just fine in any outdoor conditions, even in the rain.

Garmin Adventurous Routing

This feature identifies windy or scenic roads that you can take alternatively to arrive at the same destination.

The Garmin zūmo 595LM also speaks street names, auto sorts destinations and provide instant rerouting when you get off track. Its 3D map view allows you a better look at the terrain and more accurate view of the path you’re on. You can choose to avoid toll roads and seek out alternative routes with the tap of a button. Its ‘Where Am I?’ feature shows you where you are in relation to your custom points of interest or landmarks and important destinations in the area.

Garmin’s VIRB action cameras can be paired with the zūmo 595LM for high quality recordings of your journey. A tire pressure monitor sensor can be bought separately as well, or as part of a bundle for additional synchronization and control.

What’s New in the zūmo 595LM that the 590LM Doesn’t Have?

In case you’re wondering what your extra $100 or so gets you with the new zūmo 595LM here’s a look at the newest features added that you can’t already find in the 590LM:

Garmin zūmo 595LM Features

  • Garmin Adventurous Routing
  • Pandora and Spotify Streaming
  • Smart notifications
  • LiveTrack location sharing
  • Fully compatible with Smartphone Link
  • Live traffic and live weather updates via Smartphone Link app
  • Rider alerts
  • Helmet Law notifications
  • 3D terrain and map view
  • ‘Curvy Roads’ feature is replaced with one that has sliders to help generate the custom routing

As you can see, the zūmo 595LM packs a punch for the extra $100, although the 590LM still holds its own and includes most of the features of the 595LM.

Garmin zūmo 395LM

The zūmo 395LM has a transflective touch screen display that measures 4.3 inches. The 395LM lacks the LiveTrack feature, which allows your friends to pinpoint your location, and also cannot display smart notifications like incoming SMS. The 395LM cannot connect to Spotify or Pandora for music streaming either, like the 595LM can. All of the features listed above for the zūmo 595LM aside from these are included in the 395LM, but in a smaller model. Its smaller size and lack of LiveTrack, smart notifications, and music streaming are responsible for a roughly $200 discount. Other than a lower price, the 395LM has the advantage of being more compact, although with a consequently smaller display.

What New Features are in the zūmo 395LM that the 390LM Doesn’t Already Have?

Most notably, Garmin Adventurous Routing is included and comes preloaded. Unlike the 390LM, the 395LM includes an mp3 player. It also includes rider alerts and helmet law notifications. They differ in price by roughly $50, and aside from these differences, they are virtually the same.


If upgrading from the 390LM to the 595LM, the amount of new features and the added screen size will make the extra money feel worth it if you find these additions useful. They are indeed handy, so you’ll surely benefit from using them. If you already own a Garmin zūmo 390LM but are considering upgrading to the Garmin zūmo 395LM, you should ask yourself how much you value the added features. Are they worth enough to you to completely replace a perfectly good 390LM?

The 595LM on the other hand, offers more. If you love your 590LM, you’ll love your Garmin zūmo 595LM even more. Go for an upgrade and try out Garmin Adventurous Routing or some of the other great features! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and other Amazon stores worldwide.

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  1. Arlan Brass

    I currently own a Zumo 550 9 1/2 years old. I had it repaired once, but now is starting to act flaky again. I am looking for what Model to upgrade to. I don’t need the music interface, I have xm-satellite on my radio. To be able to read the screen in sunlight is a good feature. The Bluetooth is a good feature, but not necessary. I use the Garmin on the Motorcycle and occasionally in my car. Any advice as to which Zumo model would be great to upgrade to?


      • IanC

        Well I’ve just bought a 595 after nine years with a 550. I’m so disappointed with the dim screen of the 595 that I’m thinking of returning it, it’s not a patch on the 550, even on 100%.

        Is the 395 as bright as the old ones, or more like the 595?

        • admin

          We haven’t reviewed the 550 so I can’t comment on it. Have you actually tested it on your bike? The displays on both the 395LM and 595LM are designed to be readable in direct sunlight and so the brightness and contrast levels are set accordingly.

          • IanC

            I’ve now obtained a 395, due to the terrible screen of the 595. The 395 is great regarding the screen, but the auidio is ATROCIOUS! I’m going to try and get my 550 repaired until Garmin get their act together.

  2. Dean Lening

    After reading a few reviews and trying to decide which GPS to buy I hope that the 395LM will be a good choice. The $300 difference made me lean toward the 390 or a 590 [remanufactured at $600.] but I like the curvy road option. Hope I am choosing wisely

  3. jacob

    I purchased the 395 lm and hate so much about it. Basecamp usage is horrific, importing into the 395 is useless if you are trying to be specific about routing. Garmin support is terrible. Does not handle topo maps or importing and using GPX files in any usable manner. Sorry waste of cash. My unit is easily outperformed by my friends Iphone, on the road or off, and in every manner regarding usability.

  4. Bodisafa

    One would think that Garmin would wise up! everything about the newer cell phones both iPhone and Android have not only caught up to Dedicated GPS units but surpass them in both interface and functionality and readability so why bother. So for you folks at Garmin I suggest you wise up and get competitive. Meaning lower your price, increase functionality and usability simplify the interface on both the unit and computer software if you want to stay relative exclamation point

  5. Marie Perrey

    Hello, I need a GPS for long trips that does not change my route when I don’t ask (google map!), link with my music playlist on my Iphone, is touchscreen, does not shut down when hot or cold, propose curvy options, can load already planned routes … Could someone recommend one? Thank you in advance.

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