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Garmin Zumo 350LM Review

Motorcycle specific GPS devices are in high demand these days. These durable products are great for navigating purposes and also come equipped with a range of useful features that make them a sought after item for the modern motorcycle enthusiast . The Garmin Zumo 350LM provides a wide array of features for the adventurous motorcycle rider. The build is very solid and you will have few worries about damaging the device when on the road. Regardless of weather or road conditions, the Zumo 350LM will continue to perform and guide you safely to your destination. Here we take a look at some of the best features of this product.

Garmin zūmo 350LM Features

  • Lane Assist
  • TracBack
  • Trip computer with digital fuel gauge and compass
  • Service history log
  • Spoken directions via Bluetooth


  • rugged construction
  • excellent GPS reception
  • good battery life


  • difficult to view display in direct sunlight
  • some of the device’s menu functions could be improved

Design and Features

The design is very strong and sturdy, and unlike previous models, this unit is cased in a durable rubber like material which offers superior scratch resistance. It also comes with a Zumo mount, which means you will have absolutely no problems attaching it to your bike. The service history log is a useful addition and is also found on the 390LM and 590LM. This feature allows you to store bike maintenance and service history information such as mileage, oil and spark plug changes, chain cleanings, and tire pressure etc. The 4.3″ screen offers good visibility and the user interface presents data in an easy to read and accessible format. The 350LM also offers riders the convenience of Bluetooth for spoken directions so you can keep your eyes on the road. You can pair the device with either a Bluetooth enabled helmet or headset (sold separately).

Some other notable features of the zūmo 350LM include:

  • sunlight-readable screen
  • speed limit indicator
  • long battery life – 7 hours per charge
  • glove friendly touchscreen display

Another cool feature is the free Lifetime Maps, designated by the LM initials in the model name. This enables you to update the maps from the Garmin site, which means you can travel anywhere and be sure that your information is totally accurate. It also gives you the most current information about the location of hospitals, restaurants and other important facilities. Another new feature first introduced with the 350LM and 390LM is called TracBack which keeps track of your chosen route. This way, you can travel wherever you feel like and return to your starting point following the exact same route.


The 350 LM is compatible with Garmin’s Basecamp software which allows you to plan out your trip down to the minutest detail. It is easy to create routes and tracks which can then be downloaded from your computer on to your device. There is the option of Track Draw which is useful in locating elevation changes. It can also be used to play back your entire trip so that you can enjoy it all over again.

Final Verdict

Although offering a somewhat modest feature set when compared to it’s more upmarket counterpart, the 390LM, for many riders the Garmin Zumo 350LM still offers a perfectly adequate solution and at a competitive price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and other Amazon stores worldwide.

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