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What Motorcycle Accessories Should You Consider Buying?

If you are into motorcycling, then you know that the best feeling in the world involves setting out on a ride and enjoying the freedom of uninhibited exploration. Motorcycle Accessories are a fun way of enhancing safety and comfort as you clock up the miles on your bike. In addition, they offer an opportunity for the more fashion conscious among us keep up to date with the latest trends. In this article we take a brief look at a selection of accessories for you to consider.


You are probably going to need to move things from one point to another with your bike. You will therefore need to invest in motorcycle luggage. The size here will depend on the nature of the items you intent to carry, which could range from various personal effects to items purchased at your local store or, for those long distance rides, camping supplies and equipment. Saddlebags are a popular choice for many riders, but you are not limited to these. If you are ferrying heavy items around, you can throw in a tail bag too. Tank bags are also a great choice. Generally, the bag you choose will depend on the purpose.

Riding gear

Gloves, pants, boots, helmets and jackets complete the look of the quintessential rider. These items improve comfort by protecting you from the elements. More importantly, they will provide protection in the event of accidents by minimizing the risk of injury. Your helmet needs to be solid but should not interfere with visibility. Consider a Bluetooth helmet for connecting to your Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone or GPS. A good, high quality pair of boots is essential, as are gloves. Make sure to choose correctly fitting gear and do not hesitate to replace items that are excessively worn or damaged. Remember, safety should be your first priority.

Reflective devices

Visibility is a hugely important safety issue when it comes to riding. You want to be able to see others on the road after sundown, and your visibility to other road users is critical when it comes to accident avoidance. To improve visibility in darkness and low light conditions, reflectors can be placed on your bike at strategic points. Additionally, reflective license bolt plates are a good idea and reflective tape is a cheap option that can be put to good use in improving your visibility.

Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycle GPS devices are becoming an increasingly popular accessory for the modern motorcyclist. A GPS for your motorcycle can prove indispensable when navigating unfamiliar cites and highways, guiding you to your destination while allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead. With one of these gadgets installed on your bike you won’t have to endure the frustration of fumbling with a map on the side of the road ever again. Not simply a regular car navigator with a few modifications, motorcycle sat-navs are engineered from the ground up with features such as a rugged frame, water proofing and specially designed reduced-glare screens.

LED lights

Filament bulbs are okay, but they can never match the convenience and durability of light emitting diodes. LED lights are smaller and classier. In addition, they will not burn out in the middle of the road, hence giving you an assurance that you will arrive at your destination without a hitch. Furthermore, in terms of longevity, LED’s outlive many other light types by a considerable margin.

Crash protectors

Well, we do not like to talk about crashes, but they happen nevertheless. For greater peace of mind when riding, some worthwhile investments include, fork sliders, frame sliders, swing arm spools and bar ends.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, the above are just a few of the wide and growing range of accessories available for you to purchase. I’m sure you will agree, motorcycle accessories are a great way for riders to enhance safety, style and convenience.

Heated Motorcycle Gloves

On cold winter mornings when a regular pair of riding gloves aren’t enough to keep your hands warm, heated motorcycle gloves offer welcome relief. As we all know, the cold can affect flexibility and reaction times, so keeping your hands warm is also a safety issue. This is especially the case if you suffer from a joint disorder such as arthritis. These gloves can prove invaluable on longer rides when you’re spending hours at a time in the saddle in cold weather or riding at altitude.

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